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Addressing the gender disparity and water crisis

Women walking the extra miles for water

Reliable and Safe Drinking Water

Introducing gender responsive sustainable drinking water technologies

Climate adaptive livelihoods

Empowering coastal women for a sustainable tomorrow

Gender responsive capacity building

Fostering women’s climate leadership and effective participation

About GCA

Lead by the Bangladesh Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, this project focuses on strengthening the adaptive capacities of coastal communities, especially women and adolescent girls, to cope with impacts of climate change-induced salinity on their livelihoods and water security.The 6-year project (2019-2024) focuses on the Southwestern coastal districts of Khulna and Satkhira, both of which frequently experience cyclones and tidal flooding and experience severe drinking water scarcity due to salinity.

Under the project, communities will be empowered as ‘change-agents’ to plan, implement, and manage resilient livelihoods and drinking water solutions.The project will promote a paradigm shift away from a focus on short-term responses and technology-led interventions towards community-centric solutions that build ownership and capacities across multiple stakeholders, to sustain and scale-up adaptive responses to safeguard livelihoods and water security.An estimated 719,229 people (about 245,516 directly and 473,713 indirectly) are set to benefit...

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5 No. of Upazilas

Khulna- Dacope, Koyra, Paikgacha
Satkhira- Assasuni, Shyamnagar

39 Unions

No. of Unions

101 Wards

No. of Wards

32.98 Million USD

Total funding committed

24.98 Million USD

Green Climate Fund (GCF)

8 Million USD

Government of Bangladesh (GoB)


Total number of beneficiaries


No. of Direct Beneficiaries


No. of Indirect Beneficiaries


No. of Women Livelihood Groups (WLGs)


Total No. of Water Facilities Installed


Total no. of people (anticipated) receiving Capacity Building Training

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